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Help Vocal Dimension Chorus fundraise by buying one of our fabulous recipe books! There is a really good mix of recipes - some nice easy ones and some for the more confident cooks amongst you.

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The wide variety of recipes including starters, mains, puddings, cakes, biscuits and an "other" section at the back which includes sweets, dips and even mulled wine! You can read the index pages here.

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Vocal Dimension Chorus fund raising recipe book - You can read the index pages here.
Vocal Dimension Chorus fund raising recipe book

Who could resist a big gooey slice
Decadent Chocolate Cake
or an equally large wedge of sweet-smelling
Dorset Apple Cake?
Fancy sitting down to a delicious bowl of steaming
Ploughman’s Casserole
or impressing your dinner guests with a decadent serving of
Tartiflette with Brie and Bacon
followed by delectable desert of
Brazilian Tipsy Gateaux?
You can have all of these (plus another 80!) mouth-watering recipes if you purchase a

Vocal Dimension Recipe Book!
Each recipe book bought will not only unlock a plethora of tried and tested dishes for you to enjoy!